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Blog 4 - Schematic Capture!

It’s beeen a while (like 5 months!) since I worked on this, for a number of reasons. Mainly, a change in jobs (moving, finally, into SWE!) and tying up loose ends with my consultancy, which I’ve decided to stop. Mainly, because I’m soon to be a father! At the end of Feb/begining of March, our little girl is due. With my consultancy, and full time work, there were times I was working 60+ hour weeks, that’s not healthy for a prolonged period of time, and not what I want to be focussing on when I have a daughter. But, I digress. Currently, I have more time these days, along with programming, for some personal electronics - and I want a OneWheel!

Schematic Capture

I’ll be using Kicad for the capture, and kicad v6 at that, which is new to me! It’ll be interesting to see what new things they have. And, lucky for me, the nightly build works on my Mac!

Picking up where we left off…

5 Months or so ago I started capturing the schematics. Basically, I was going through the VESC 6 IV scheamtic, and copying it over into my own, with my own adaptations where I see fit. This is as far as I got:


Well, actually, I think I got a lot futher than this, but maybe something messed up and this is all I’m left with. In any case, this is where I’m currently at. Over the next few days I’m hoping to have this more complete, and then move on the layout!