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Blog 1 - A Free Subway…

So, today during lunch a friend of mine bet me that I wouldn’t be able to, within 6 months, ride my OneWheel from my house to Subway (that’s 2.4km from my house, or about 10mins on a bike). If I do, he’ll buy me a sub, but if I don’t, I have to buy him a sub… So, I had better get to work!

ESC Firmware

Yesterday I was looking a bit more into the firmware. Today, I forked the code to take a better look at what board versions the firware supports. The README states to run the make command to see, and that’s what I did:


From this, a list of boards can be seen, currently they are:

supported boards are:

Only one looks similar - 60_mk5_no_limits. I will dig around to see if there’s anything more concrete on the nomenclature. (I had a look, can’t see anything, some make sense, like the 100_250, that’s the 100V 250A, but mine doesn’t)

Having checked the forum, specifically this post it looks to me like I have the right firmware, so that’s great news!

ESC Hardware

So, now I’m fairly sure the firmware is available, now I will start the design. I’ve used Kicad for a number of years, but stopped for the last 6 months or so whilst I was using Altium. It’ll be nice to get back to KiCAD. While it isn’t as powerful as Altium, it’s free, and does everything you need (plus it’s integration with FreeCAD is awesome!)

SBS Repo

Since KiCAD’s files are all text based, and not binaries, it makes integration with Github really good. I have a method I used for my consultancy ( where I have a template stored in github for KiCAD projects. I mirror this template (which sets up my enviroment for me) and it also pulls another repo (a submodule, to be precise) which houses my libraries. This was a method I got from a friend (also a consultant!) and I thought it was brilliant. It allows you to continuasly build upon a kicad library, and snapshots of it are stored in the main git repo!

Any way, the repo is here and we finally have a project set up:


I need to change the sheet’s parameters, they still have my old consultancy as the default, but for now, I think I’ll call that a night …